måndag 22 augusti 2011

Project: Red Box Games

Aside from my Grey Knights, I felt I might need a few stray models to work with to break the monotony. The choice fell on minis from [Red Box Games].

The idea is to use them alongside Rohan models by Games workshop in Skirmish battles numbering some 5-20 soldiers per side. More updates as painting progresses.

Project: Grey Knights - The Heralds of Salvation

Come this autumn, time has come to kick off my warhammer 40 000 project in earnest.
The plan is to paint up a high-quality Grey Knight army comprising of Kaldor Draigo, three units of Paladins, a trio of Dread Knights and a Inquisitor. As can be seen below the project has been started to some extent, with base-colours applied to a few of the models, but much more is to come.

 Concept Grey Knight. This model was painted as a trial before I bought the army. I like how he came out.

 Dread Knights, still in need of assembly.

The first unit of Paladins to hit the Painting table. Tutorial to how they were painted soon to come.

Mr. Useless, Inquisitor and Servo Skull operator.
Kaldor Draigo. Instant death-anchor and Scoring-unit provider.

söndag 21 augusti 2011

Smexy Dwarfdome!

Lo and behold, the first pictures hit the blog like a bucket of lard! Here below I present a few photos of a smexy valentines day dwarf, expertly sculpted by Scibor Miniatures. 

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, with an exception for the goblin's face, which I plan to revise when I can winkle my thumb out of my ass. The model was displayed at the local gaming club for a painting competition and raked home a first place in the single miniature category. Sadly, my lighting gives the skin a yellow-ish tint. The base colour is dwarf flesh (gw), but the pink tone didn't come through.

A new, useless blogg takes it's first rugged, hapless breaths!

I stake my claim on these megabites of boringness!