måndag 22 augusti 2011

Project: Grey Knights - The Heralds of Salvation

Come this autumn, time has come to kick off my warhammer 40 000 project in earnest.
The plan is to paint up a high-quality Grey Knight army comprising of Kaldor Draigo, three units of Paladins, a trio of Dread Knights and a Inquisitor. As can be seen below the project has been started to some extent, with base-colours applied to a few of the models, but much more is to come.

 Concept Grey Knight. This model was painted as a trial before I bought the army. I like how he came out.

 Dread Knights, still in need of assembly.

The first unit of Paladins to hit the Painting table. Tutorial to how they were painted soon to come.

Mr. Useless, Inquisitor and Servo Skull operator.
Kaldor Draigo. Instant death-anchor and Scoring-unit provider.

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