måndag 20 februari 2012


We interrupt this radiosilence for an important message!

I am ztill here, and painting. Though perhaps not what I should or as frequently as I aught, but I'm still about.
And, to motivate this rare spasm of activity I thought I'd pop a few pictures up of what I'm working on right now. Starting off with a gebirgsjäger and a posh officer. 15mm FoW for future scirmish ww2 gaming. More on that topic in a later post.

Shitty cell-phone quality and lighting is shitty, I know, but I'm still pleased with how the minis came out. Quick, easy and nothing fancy, but still clean and good enough to put to the field.

Following that comes a Stuka in progress. The  thought is to add some winter camo on top of the paint job, along with some weathering and decals. Hence why I haven't arsed with any detail work on the top yet.

Now on to some thrashing and smashing tin cans in the shape of Blood Angel Death Company miniatures;
Again, shitty phone is shitty.

The paint job doesn't realy come to justice in these pictures, but again I'm pleased to say that I'm glad with how they've turned out this far. They're part of a painting project run by some friends at the local gaming club, more on that in a later post.

Trondling on with another update, I present pikes! (in need of basing) And some german landsknechts! (in need of faces) Along with their lord Lardbucket! (In need of everything)

Again, more on this project in a later post.

That'll have to be it for now, but I'm hoping to drop a more wholesome post tomorrow going through one of the above mentioned projects in more detail.

Kaninchen out!

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